Method 6 Class A Stereo Amplifier

Method 6

2 x 3 = 6

Based on our Method 3 Class A Monoblock Amplifiers we proudly present the Method 6 Stereo Amplifier.
Using the award winning Infigo Low Temperature Class A circuitry this amplifier does not run hot, despite being in a smaller enclosure.
Just like it's bigger brothers, it has a DCBA controller to deliver very controlled, powerful bass with no low frequency roll off.

Method 6 Black

Low Temperature Class A

Low Temperature Class A is notable for the elimination of cross-over distortion, with ultra-fast transient response. Thanks to this development, sonics remain impactful, crisp, and clear, while the amplifier stays cool to the touch. Over time, Low Temperature Class A’s lower operating temperature maximizes the life of the amplifier.

Method 3 in Nature


A highlight of Infigo Audio amplifiers is the company’s DCBA™ system.
DCBA™, or DC Bias Adjustment, balances output DC level without limiting low frequency output.
Bass response is tight, powerful, with elimination of phase distortion at lower frequencies thanks to the removal of capacitors in the audio path. The low frequency range extends down to 0 Hz, with a separate protection circuit that disconnects the speakers when the DC level in the signal reaches too high a level.


The Method 6 comes in silver or black front and top panel, the heatsinks and back panel are in black aluminum.
The custom milled heatsinks from solid blocks of aluminum are curved, not only for aesthetics but also to avoid any mechanical resonances.
And, like all Infigo electronics, the solid top is removable, affording a view of the internal circuitry that is protected by a transparent cover.


Power: 2 x 100W RMS Class A in 8 Ohm
Bandwidth: 0Hz - 200kHz (within 3 dB)
Input: XLR
Sensitivity: 1.6V RMS
Voltage: AC 120V or 240V selectable, 50 or 60 Hz