Infigo Audio Inc  


Origin: Latin
Meaning: Impressive

Infigo Audio Inc is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures high end audio equipment. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials and production processes, locally sourced, where possible, in British Columbia, Canada.

CEO/Founder Hans Looman has been consulting to former Resonessence Labs, a spin-off of ESS Technology, the well known creators of the Sabre DAC chip, and helped them run the various audio shows they were presenting in the past nearly 10 years. His amplifier design was showcased many years as the Projecta amplifier and was originally planned to be released as Resonessence brand.

Unfortunately Resonessence Labs ceased business, the amplifier will now be released under our own new brand: Infigo Audio

As the Latin name Infigo says, it is our mission to impress you with high quality reproduction of music that will keep you coming back for more!

We know it is a bold statement, but hearing is believing!

If you want to know more technical details, you can find them in the Philosophy section.